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Taxi transfer to Museums

Museums: some people love them, others don’t. However, an occasional visit to a museum can make a day interesting and educational.
Slovenia boasts a number of them. Larger, smaller, private, national – each of them is unique in its own way. We have selected some most interesting museums in Slovenia for you to choose from.
You can combine a visit to a museum with a tour of the town, a local culinary experience, or a wine tasting of indigenous local varieties.

Our drivers will offer answers to any questions you may have – after all, they are familiar with almost all local attractions of your destination.

Our advanced booking prices are fixed, without any hidden costs (e.g. luggage, traffic jams, night fee).
If you have a child travelling with you, your vehicle will be fitted with a child seat
please define whether you need one in your advanced booking ).
Wait times of our drivers amount to 10 € per hour.
The ride back is free of charge.

Kobarid museum
The Museum presents the First World War on the Isonzo Front, focusing on the Twelfth Isonzo Battle, known as the Battle of Kobarid. The battle turned into one of the most violent encounters in the history of this mountainous region and, besides the Eleventh Isonzo Battle, it was the most ferocious armed engagement Slovenia had ever experienced. It was also the most successful breakthrough operation in the First World War and one of the first cases of a battle incorporating Blitzkriegstrategic elements.
The Museum also presents the history of the Kobarid region from its early beginnings until today.
Read more http://www.kobariski-muzej.si/
We get to the Kobarid and Tolmin area  through  Idrija and Most na Soči – the Soča river valley is the parth of Triglav national park.

Reed more http://www.dolina-soce.com/ and http://www.tnp.si/national_park/

From Ljubljana city to Kobarid
distance 120 km, driving time 02:00 h, price 149 €

The Coal Mining MUSEUM OF SLOVENIA – Velenje
Welcome to the real UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE in the mine tunnels, 160 m below the surface!
The museum is the result of work of many generations of Slovenian miners and is a very interesting way of cooperation between the still working Coal Mine Velenje (with an annual production of around 4 million tons of coal it is the most modern and largest coal mine in Slovenia) which also manages the museum, the city municipality of Velenje and the Velenje Museum.
More info http://muzej.rlv.si/

From Ljubljana city to Velenje
Distance 77 km, driving time 1:20 h the price 89 €

Technical Museum of Slovenia ( Bistra near Vrhnika )
The largest exhibition area of the Technical Museum of Slovenia is entitled “Road Vehicles”. In a space of 2,300 m2 there are displayed 55 automobiles, 50 motorcycles and 40 bicycles. For the time being there are three permanent exhibitions, and nearly 80% of the remaining area is dedicated to ‘open storage’ of the major part of vehicle collection. In addition to being interesting with regard to the research and development of motor vehicle and bicycle transport in the territory of today’s Slovenia, these collections also give an insight into the evolution of cars and the related technologies, as well as the development and production of motor vehicles in Slovenia. Special place in our museum is given to the historical collection of limousines used by President Tito, premier of Yugoslavia (1892-1980), and collection of pre-WWII cars that are a long-term loan from the Deutsches Tehnikmuseum in Berlin, Germany.
The main museum collections of the TMS are located in the former Carthusian monastery in Bistra near Vrhnika. In addition to visiting the collections and participating in great many activities organised for children and adults alike, the visitors may enjoy a pleasant rest in a serene natural environment far away from the rapid pulse of urban life. More info http://www.tms.si/

From Ljubljana city to Bistra
Distance 26 km, driving time 00:30 h the price 38 €

Bogenšperk castle
The Bogenšpertk castle contains  Valvasor`s workshop and The Slovenian Geodetic Collection.
Namely, Johann Weichard Valvasor was himself – among many other things – an eminent surveyor and map-maker who studied and featured this nation’s topography more than three hundred years ago. Valvasor’s collections and descriptions, as well as his maps, vindicate his position as one of the most eminent and accomplished scientists and polymaths of his age. The exhibition “Valvasor’s study of nature” presents Valvasor as a natural scientist.
More info https://www.bogensperk.si/

From Ljubljana city to Bogenšperk
Distance 45 km, driving time 00:50 h the price 49 €

Slovene museum of Christianity – Stična
Stična stands in a remote valley near the numerous traffic routes of Dolenjska near Ivančna Gorica and Šentvid. The Cistercian monastery was built in the first half of the 12th century in a valley that has had a continuous settlement since pre-historic times. After 1135 the construction was directed by the builder Michael from France, who later supposedly married a local woman and lived in the nearby Zgornja Draga. He built an extensive stone three-nave Romanesque basilica with a transversal nave and five apses, as well as a cloister with a capital hall next to it and additional monastery buildings. The church was the largest sanctuary on our territory. With the development of the estate other facilities grew up as well: residence buildings, granaries, mills and barns. The monastery was protected with walls and numerous cylindrical towers, though this did not stop the Turkish plundering. The vaulted cloister, which was later painted  (partly the school of Janez of Ljubljana, around 1470), had a capital hall that opened with two double windows.
More info http://www.mks-sticna.si

From Ljubljana city to Stična
Distance 33 km, driving time 00:30 h the price 39 €

Saltworks Museum – Sečovlje
The Saltworks Museum demonstrates the traditional medieval method of producing salt and a view of a traditional saltmaker’s house. The museum is open from April 1 to October 31.
The two sections of the park, Lera (north) and Fontanigge (south), are separated by the Drnica River, and different entrances must be used. Guided tours for groups can be arranged in advance.
More info http://www.kpss.si/

From Ljubljana city to Sečovlje ( near Piran )
Distance 122 km, driving time 01:20 h the price 139 €

Franja Partisan Hospital
The Second World War was one of the most difficult trials for mankind. Like other freedom-loving nations, the Slovenes organised themselves to struggle against fascism and nazism. Clandestine hospitals were a particularity of the Slovenian resistance movement. They were built in barely accessible forests, deep gorges and underground caves. They saved lives in circumstances that are hardly imaginable today.
More info http://www.muzej-idrija-cerkno.si/

From Ljubljana city to Dolenji Novaki
Distance 68 km, driving time 01:20 h the price 79 €

Gewerkenegg Castle – The Idrija Municipal Museum
Dominating over the old town, Idrija’s castle has preserved its historical name, Gewerkenegg, which in German means mine castle. It was built in the period from 1522-1533 for the needs of the mercury mine. Initially used to store wheat and mercury, the castle was later occupied by the mine administration for more than 400 years. Over the centuries, it has also housed various offices, schools and residents. In the mid 18th century, the Renaissance castle complex with its three round corner towers and single front tower was renovated in baroque style and painted with decorative frescoes. Its present-day appearance dates back to the first half of the 1990’s. Today, the castle is used for museum activities, the music school and, to a smaller extent, restaurants and shops.
More info http://www.muzej-idrija-cerkno.si/

From Ljubljana city to Idrija
Distance 58 km, driving time 01:20 h the price 69 €

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