We offer a reliable, comfortable taxi service in Slovenia and neighbouring countries.



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  • Ljubljana, Slovenija
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About us

A friendly face, avaiting you at your destination

We are a small, yet very dedicated taxi company with great passion for hospitality. Over the years we have gained the trust of many happy customers, many of which return. Our drivers are reliable, friendly, professional, and tidy and know every corner of Ljubljana and Slovenia.

We also have long-time experience with transports around Europe, especially in the neighbouring countries. Our main concern is making sure that you reach your destination on time, comfortably and safely.

Why us?
  • Because we have long-time experience.
  • Because we are friendly, punctual and very reliable.
  • Because you will enjoy a ride in an impeccably clean, safe and modern vehicle.
  • Because you will be able to communicate with our drivers in one of the world languages.
  • Because we offer the best service for a very good price.


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Our vehicles

Mercedes E class 2018

Should you order a private transfer, you can expect to be picked up in a modern and comfortable car. It will either be one of two Mercedes E Class, Hyundai I30 Wagon, Volkswagen Passat or Kia Niro Electric. If needed, we can provide a baby car seat (please let us know in advance). For your convenience, we have prepared phone chargers for all types of phones. You are also welcome to use our Wi-Fi spot and check your emails or messages while travelling to your destination. For longer trips we also provide drinking water.

For group transfers (more than 3 people) we provide a comfortable van that suits individual needs of the group.

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We are trusted by numerous Slovenian companies and regular clients from all over Europe who frequently visit Slovenia.


With a good knowledge of foreign languages, our personnel are not only your drivers but also your tour guides.


To provide you with a peace of mind and comfort, our cars are regularly checked, serviced as needed and cleaned daily.


For your convinience, our cars are equipped with phone chargers, Wi-Fi, water and baby seats (per request).

Driver code of practice

  • The drivers are responsible for their behaviour on the road, and they adhere to traffic regulations and driving culture, since this also reflects the company they represent.
  • Our drivers are fair and honest towards their customers and associates.
  • In accordance with company policy, they are punctual and will wait for you at the appointed location.
  • They will keep up the good spirits, be helpful and professional. They will introduce themselves, giving their names.
  • They understand their clients and help them where help is needed.
  • While on the road, they drive safely and are committed to the client’s well-being.
  • They do not interfere with conversations in the vehicle and do not ask unnecessary questions.
  • All information passed within the vehicle is considered a trade secret and the drivers will not discuss it with others.
  • They are careful and precise during money transactions (refusing to return your change is considered a petty theft).
  • At the end of the tour, the driver will give you the bill.
  • If a client forgets or loses an object inside the vehicle, the diver will notify the client of the matter and make sure the object returns to its rightful owner. Should the drivers have insufficient information about the client, they must bring the object to the company headquarters, where the client can retrieve it within a month.

Our greatest reward is a content and happy client.

Driver code of practice – bookTAXI Slovenija team