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Taxi transfer Croatian seaside

Croatia – Adriatic sea – Croatian seaside

The Adriatic Sea is the most indented section of the Mediterranean Sea on the continent of Europe. In its present shape, it was formed by the rising of the sea level by 96 metres following the last ice age in the Pleistocene period, when valleys and basins were submerged, and the dry land emerged as elongated islands, separated by sea channels. The Croatian Adriatic coastline is 1,777 km long and occupies most of the eastern Adriatic shoreline.

There are 718 islands and islets, 289 rocks and 78 reefs along the coastline, so Croatia may justly be called the ‘land of a thousand islands’. Although the islands amount to only 5.8% of the total surface area of the country, their importance for the geographical identity of the country is much greater. Most are limestone, like the coast. The exceptions are the outer islands of Jabuka and Brusnik, which are volcanic in origin, and the sandy island of Susak. About fifty islands are inhabited (most have several settlements), and according to the population census of 2011, 132,443 people live on them. Although island life is traditional linked to the sea (fishing, sailing, boatbuilding), each inhabited island is a miniature cosmos in itself.
The Croatian coast with clear and clean sea offers a variety of beaches. Adriatic that has numerous islands, bays and reefs hides mainly stone, gravel and sandy beaches. Hotel resorts are mostly located on the coast with nice beaches, often stone or gravel, while there is a smaller number of sandy beaches. Trees that are typical for this part of the Mediterranean will give you lots of shade. Some beaches are further equipped with various offers, slides for children, beach volley courts, and cafes and restaurants along the beach. There are numerous beaches in Croatia, and its numerous islands and hidden coves still hide undiscovered beaches, away from civilization and tourist crowds.

Anyone can find a beach to their own taste, but we will help you and introduce some of the most famous Croatian beaches in different categories and regions:


  Pick up place Drop off place km h
Ljubljana – city       Umag 130 1:40 139
Ljubljana – city        Poreč 162 2:00 169
Ljubljana – city        Rovinj 190 2:30 199
Ljubljana – city         Pula 200 2:40 209
Ljubljana – city       Opatija 110 1:50 119
Ljubljana – city        Rijeka 115 1:55 119
Ljubljana – city          Krk 160 2:30 169
Ljubljana – city        Cres 200 3:50 210
   Ljubljana – city        Pag 370 4:40 389
Ljubljana – city       Zadar 350 4:00 369
Ljubljana – city       Split 480 5:00 499
Ljubljana – city   Dubrovnik 660 7:00 679
From Ljubljana aiport the price is 20 € higher

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